The Kata and Ninjutsu Kamae that start each training session in AKBAN

At last, after many weeks that Avinoam and I could not find the right time slot, we managed, a few days ago, to wake up at pre-dawn, hurry to the sea shore and video the Ninjutsu Kata that form the start of every training session in my groups in AKBAN. It was a cloudy morning but we managed to shoot multiple clips, from different angles, and finished just when the sun went up. In his own way, Pasha helped too. Ran Levari recorded a devastating percussion session for this video. The percussion was improvised with two Hanbo on a wooden wall in our Tel Aviv dojo, awesome. Avinoam and Ran are long time AKBAN veterans,Thanks guys! The stances, the kamae, and the kata that stem from them are either Kihon Happo, Moto gata or Ki gata from our vast Takamatsu den syllabus. Doing these connected techniques is a good way to repeat a large and essential part of our great martial art - Ninjutsu.

Video of the Ninjutsu kamae and Kata from the start of the training session in AKBAN