Sunday in Jerusalem dojo - Back to regular training schedule

It has been a tough and eventful month in the AKBAN dojos. We have been sparring for many hours and so we improved our distancing, stamina and power. When looking at the results I can see the need for an accuracy in technique that can come only from practicing in the framework of the kata. We will continue with the randori that concludes every session in our dojos, but will now devote the lessons to making our techniques accurate and better. Just sparring, with no skill building, leads to a dull performance eventually. The video attached is a treasure trove of awesome Ninjutsu skills. In five minutes it packs more insights then many week long seminars I attended. Few days ago I found the techniques of Billy Ristuccia Sensei of Bujinkan Yotsume Dojo. I asked his permission to post the Koto ryu techniques from his seminar on this post. I enjoy the accuracy and reality of his expertise and hope it will also inspire our approaching Koto ryu techniques seminar. Great technical skills do not necessitate an angry expression or tough talk, they speak for themselves. Many online Ninjutsu videos are not up to the standard of this humble and effective seminar. I wish you a safe and Happy training year.

Video of a great Koto ryu seminar from the Bujinkan Yotsume Dojo

Training times of AKBAN Jerusalem dojo