Sunday in Jerusalem dojo – 11th day of Blitz

As usual at August, during the AKBAN Blitz, we will meet at the topmost grass field, near the Supreme court, at 18:00. We will do Randori till 20:00. This time the video I am analyzing is a precise example of the importance of footwork. As I am using the footage of Ninjutsu sparring I have been taking during the Blitz, it is obvious that most AKBANanuts have memorized that sabaki is the key for safe sparring. Standing in midrange and using blocks to avoid being hit is sometimes necessary but not so great. If possible, it is better to use the legs as the first line of defense - controling distance - and get into the action when only when you initiate it .

Video of proper and improper distancing in Ninjutsu sparring – Blitz 2012

Jerusalem Ninjutsu - AKBAN