Sukkot sessions and meditation seminar, 5-10.10.2014

At Sukkot Holiday we have three seminars, one for meditation and two for traditional weapons. In Chol HaMoed we will not be training regularly.
  • Sunday, 5.10.2014 - Regular AKBAN Jerusalem
  • Monday, 6.10.2014 - Regular AKBAN Ramat Hasharon
  • Tuesday, 7.10.2014 - Regular AKBAN Tel Aviv
  • Wednesday, 8.10.2014, Holiday, no session
  • Thursday, 9.10.2014, Holiday, no session
  • Friday, 10.10.2014 - Meditation seminar, Tel Aviv dojo, 13:00
  • Sunday, 12.10.2014, Wohl rose garden, 16:00-19:00, Weapon seminar
  • Monday, 13.10.2014, No session
  • Tuesday, 14.10.2014, 16:00-20:00, AKBAN Tel Aviv, Weapon seminar
  • Friday 17.10.2014, 08:00, AKBAN Tel Aviv, Weapon session

Meditation seminar with Miles Kessler

At Friday, 10.10.2014, 13:00-15:00, at Tel Aviv dojo we will have an introduction to meditation seminar with Mile Kessler sensei from Integral dojo. The level of action that our recent advance in Kata practice demands necessitates learning awareness and concentration methodically. Miles Kessler is a certified Vipassanā meditation teacher in the Mahasi tradition, and in addition to that, a teacher of  Zen meditation in the Big mind school. Miles has many valuable insights to our practice being a certified Aikido teacher who spent many years in Ibaraki dojo in Iwama, Japan. Miles will present the basics of his systems and an introduction to applying it in our martial arts practice. We decided that each participant will contribute 40 NIS to AIKIDO without borders.  

Sukkot weapon seminars

At the first holiday's eve (8.10.2014) and the holiday (9.10.2014) and at Hoshaána raba (15.10.2014) and Simhat Tora (16.10.2014) there will be no training. At Sukkot we will have two weapon seminars. We will repeat Kunai, Kusari, Hanbo and also some middle ages' Cape and Jacket techniques. At the regular sessions, before the holiday, we will continue to work the flowcharts of Kukishin ryu techniques. We will introduce the throws I didn't teach last week and integrate them into the kata. The Tel Aviv veteran group will do Gyaku Nage kata. One of the videos below was posted last week, but I am reposting it and some great sword work too.  

Video of basic strikes in Jogo du Pau

Video of sword work from Flos dualotorum

Video of Moguri dori kata