Stop - continuing in another path

Yossi Sheriff - 12.3.2020 I have been teaching since 1985. AKBAN dojo didn’t stop for nothing, no war, no man, no rain, we just kept coming and training. All this has changed today, I just sent a message in our private groups that there will be no training. It was tough on me, a lonely decision.  We shouldn’t stop for fear for ourselves, we are strong and healthy and we have herbs and practice on our side. We should now stop for a different reason, we should stop to protect our weak, for our high risk friends or family.  That should be our highest motive, to protect the old the weak or maybe, the unfortunate.  This virus is dangerous and limiting physical contact is our, my, responsibility. This will delay, give time and maybe even lower the possibility of getting sick.  I am sorry about the session loss, I already miss the dojo, miss you, my friends, but, I haven’t stopped training. I will upload it, I have already started uploading part of my morning routine and we will use technology to meet in spirit but maintain this discipline of protection.  Doron, my teacher told me, “When a martial arts practitioner enters the room, everyone is a little bit safer” now is the time of the paradox. The weak will be safer if we DO NOT enter the room.  I have been telling the veterans since January, this will be a hard fight, but we must win it.  Take care and carry your independent training kernel with you, daily.  yossi sheriff