Sessions this week and Detant workshop, 17-22.1.2016

This Friday, 22.1.2016, 08:00, at Honbu dojo, we will conduct a DETANT seminar (1st part) for conflict managment. The registration for this seminar is already closed and there are no available places left. A DETANT seminar necessitates active participation so I would like to ask all veterans to abstain from coming unless already registered. This DETANT seminar (1st part) is part of a series. When enough veterans will pass through these workshops, in few months time, we will start enrolling the 2nd part. This week, in all the dojos, we will hone Sabaki. Those that could train this week already have a lot of material to work with, but I suggest watching the seven (7) videos below to get a better grasp on applying AKBAN sabaki in various martial disciplines.  

Video of sabaki analysis, Dominick Cruz


Video of Tsuki analysis, Dominick Cruz


Video of Ido portal training Conor McGregor


Video of Yoshinori Kono


Video of Kuroda Tesuzan


Video 2 of Kuroda Tesuzan


Video of training for Dominick Cruz footwork