Sessions this week and an Instructors' seminar, 14-19.2.2016

This Friday, 19.2.2016, 08:00 sharp, at AKBAN Tel Aviv, we will have a Colloquium Zuta, for AKBAN instructors, brown and black belts only. In this Colloquium Zuta (link to Facebook) we will go over an improved deep framework for a methodical structure for belt exams. This deep model is the result of the thorough work we have been doing in examining, reconstructing and practicing Takamatsu den kata and distilling the insights into the Methodical pyramid. During the week, at the various dojos, we will devote part of the session to combining gloved atemi work with advanced sabaki. Additional two thirds of the session time will emphasise flowcharts from throws into sutemi waza and armlocks.

Video of Kani Basami throw