Sessions this week and a planned seminar in Passover

This Friday, on the eve of Passover holiday, there will not be a session in the dojo. On Hol hamoed we will have a special seminar, "10 Hamakot". The seminar will start at 17:00 till 21:00 in Tel Aviv dojo. All the AKBAN instructors in Israel will be teaching there: Yossi Sheriff, Lior Katz, Guy Renan, Yoav Alterman, Assaf Hochman, Eli Shirian, Shmulik Bar Kana, Elad Nagar, Ra'am Manzur, Yaad Ben David. The seminar will be videoed, as usual, for the benefit of AKBAN instructors abroad and friends. This week we will continue the work on Tsuki Nagare drill with an emphasis on the second side attack. Please maintain fitness for these strenuous sessions, and don't forget a water bottle and gloves.

Video of Tsuki Nagare drill in AKBAN Athens

The Tsuki Nagare drill - Yossi Sheriff teaches a Ninjutsu flow and syncopation excercise from AKBAN on Vimeo.