Sensei Murata - Judo seminar for AKBAN members - 12.2.2012

Sensei Masao Murata a 7th Dan in Judo, bronze world medalist and Japan champion, will give a special Judo seminar this Sunday (12.2.2012 at 17:45-20:00) at the AKBAN Jerusalem dojo. This seminar will evolve around the throws that are relevant to the AKBAN randori and will contribute to a better Nage waza in our dojos. The Judo seminar is free for AKBAN members and is the first fruit of our collaboration with the Talpaz Judo club and in particular with Sensei David Lazmi. Here are some links: Phone - 052-5108747 mail - facebook event - AKBAN Judo seminar FB link Judo seminar in AKBAN