Second week in September sessions, 11-15.9.2016

This week we will train as usual. There will not be any flights and adventures in Berlin, Tokyo or Kigali. Even though teaching in new places is wonderful, for me there is no place like home. We had a big crowd in the Itai Sheriff emotional regulation seminar the previous Friday. With me were Danny Hershkovitz, one of Detant founders, and Yagel Tamir who is now doing the 1st. Instructor's course in Detant. This version of the workshop is tailored especially for us in AKBAN and is extremely complex and dense. It was an intense and enriching workshop that went well. Many thanks to Professor Hagai Bergman, our CSO, who not only debriefed the proceedings but participated in this one too. This October we are taking this unique workshop to Japan.

Muscle memory - From Berlin seminar