Saturday links

  1. The USMC is smack-dab in the middle of a transformational institutional revolution.  It has decided to redefine itself as anti-China force, and is making some radical changes to its force structure and doctrine for that purpose.  (link)
  2. So many frustrated traders have showed up at Robinhood's Silicon Valley headquarters that the stock-trading app installed bulletproof glass. (link) doctrine for that purpose.  (link - NY times)
  3. Traumatic brain injuries declined 32% from 2012 to 2018, after more than a decade of increasing rates, a new study finds. The decline seems to be largely related to the decreasing number of kids playing tackle football and the increase in the additional contact limitations put on the game (link)
  4. Attackers can get information about what's going on in front of the security camera via its cloud storage, and infer when there is someone home. (link)
  5. A touching description of OCD in times of COVID-19 - "What happens when constant hand-washing is actually recommended, when friends are quarantining their groceries for 72 hours, when the most practical people you know have taped-off contamination “hot zones” in their homes next to arsenals of hand sanitizer? The line between the rational and irrational – once clear even as I performed bizarre rituals – risks becoming blurred. (link)