Quote of the week, Plato, Statesman

For the Bourgeoisie are always ready to lead a peaceful life, quietly doing their own business; this is their manner of behaving with all men at home, and they are equally ready to find some way of keeping the peace with foreign States. And on account of this fondness of theirs for tranquility, which is often not in place, they slowly loose their fighting abilities, and bring up their children to be like themselves; they are at the mercy of their enemies; and then, in a few years they and their children and the whole state often pass inconspicuously from the condition of free citizens into that of slaves. YOUNG SOCRATES: What a cruel fate! STRANGER: And now think of what happens with the overly courageous people. Are they not always encouraging their country to go to war, owing to their excessive love of the military arts? they raise up unnecessary many and mighty enemies against themselves, and either utterly ruin their state or find themselves enslaved to its foes? Plato Statesman Free translation [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Ninjutsu basics by Daniel Sheriff"]Ninjutsu basics by Daniel Sheriff[/caption]