Ninjutsu training this week and two seminars in April

Aside from the regular schedule, we have two main events in April. At the Passover holiday, April the 18th, 08:00 (Friday), we will have a weapon master class revolving around Sword, Stick, Kunai and flexible weapons. The AKBAN armory supplies the weapons for this seminar, but you can bring your own. Here's a link to the Facebook event page. After the holiday, at April the 25th, we will attend the third colloquium that will explore two Kukishinden ryu kata. Here's a link for the Facebook page for the 3rd colloquium. The regular training schedule continues. Last week we worked with Ganseki nage and Otoshi. This week will continue with further techniques of arm locks in Randori. סמינר כלי נשק, פסח 2014