Ninjutsu training this week, 11-16.10.2015

We are continuing with Ninjutsu arm-locks, and this week with an emphasis on Ukemi, falling, skills, so we can improve our abilities in Kanstsu waza and Nage waza. The wide technical front that we tackled last year forces us to devote time to repeat what we have learned, so please bring your gloves and protective equipment. The Famous Four AKBAN knife drill will not be neglected. Not only it give us a level of assurance in the terror attacks our community experienced last week, but the drill is an excellent tool for distance and timing in tai sabaki. In two weeks time, at 20.10.2015, we will have a fantastic seminar with the founder of the biggest Ninjutsu academy in Europe, Yakov Schacht. Get ready.  

Video of Oni Kudaki shoulder break

Video of Ura Oni Kudaki shoulder break

Video of Waki Gatame elbow break