Ninjutsu sessions this week in AKBAN, 14-19.6.2015

This Sunday, 14.6.2015, at 20:15, we will have basics training in Tel Aviv dojo. The Jerusalem Sunday session takes place as usual and will end at 19:55. This Friday, 19.6.2015, at 08:00, we will have an ECR session in Tel Aviv Honbu dojo. All the other sessions take place as usual. We have a special session this Sunday, at 12:00 in Geula High school dojo. We will meet there with Yaad Ben David, the teacher and Itay Ofzer, the team leader to test the youngsters' group for the AKBAN Kamon. A Kamon will be awarded to the practitioners who can finish this extreme session. During the week we will emphasize dynamic throws and a lot of striking work. We must not forget both boxing gloves and hand-wraps.

Video of tying Ninjutsu hand-wraps