Ninjutsu sessions this week, 7-12.6.2015

This Sunday, 7.6.2015, at 20:00, we will have basics training session in Honbu Dojo Tel Aviv. The Jerusalem Sunday session will also take place as usual. This Friday, 12.6.2015, at 08:00' we will have E.C.R session in Tel Aviv Honbu dojo. We will continue to prepare for the AKBAN Blitz in August. The flowchart of reverse lapel grip will expand and include dynamic kuzushi for each one of the throws that finish the flow chart. Improving the Daken, striking craft, will also be a top priority and we will work with challenging and fast Ninjutsu combos that will further enhance fitness. Please do not forget water, protective equipment and gloves. I am attaching a video that shows a previous, unsuccessful, try to teach this same flow chart. This video is just for reference as the practitioner level now of executing Uchikomi and Nagare is much higher. See you in the dojo.