Ninjutsu sessions this week, 31.5.2015-5.6.2015

This Sunday we will not have basics session in Tel Aviv dojo, Sunday session in Jerusalem will take place as usual. This Friday, 5.6.2015, 08:00, we will have an ECR group in Tel Aviv dojo. The regular sessions over the week will emphasize two parallel lines. We will reenforce correct Nage Waza and continue with the flow chart that starts with holding the sleeve and the opposing lapel. Together with this line we will start warming up for the AKBAN August Blitz. The Combat Kata groups will devote the first part of every CK session to Ninjutsu Tempo work with boxing gloves. Please bring full gloves, and water bottles. I am attaching several relevant videos for the material we have been learning these past two weeks. There are differences between the details in our pragmatic Ninjutsu and this high level sportive Judo, but we can still learn a lot from the methods of learning.

Video of Toshihiko Koga teaching Sode Tsurikomi Goshi

Video of Ilias Iliadis close fighting grip style

Video of grip drills with Ilias Iliadis