Ninjutsu practice this week, 17-21.5.2015

This Sunday we are opening a basics group in Honbu dojo that will be led by Ra'am Manzur and Elad Nagar and I. This week we will start at 20:00 till 21:00 and celebrate the opening night at 21:15. Here's a link to Facebook event. Attend if you can. The Sunday basics session will emphasize Hand striking and basic Nage waza so please bring boxing gloves and mouth protectors. This Friday, 22.5.2015, at 08:00, we are having the regular ECR group. At the evening session in Ramat Hasharon, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv dojo we will continue the Sutemi waza against Kuzushi. We will get to know Syncopation in grappling holds of the Takamatsu-den kata.