New Martial arts' videos portal!

We just uploaded a beta of your Martial arts videos portal, and are pretty happy with it. Till now, in order to find a movie of a martial art technique the viewer had to know the name of the technique, search the technique in the Akban-wiki and only then view the technique inside the relevant martial arts encyclopedia article. A few months ago we paused almost all the documentation of new techniques in video and text. We wanted to make using our website an easier experience. The new video page is the result of this work. All the videos in it and most of the videos on our site were filmed by us with a small group of AKBAN veterans and an even smaller group of martial arts instructors from various martial arts. We store the videos on YouTube to save on broadband fees. Economizing is one of our themes as this web site is not money oriented and the ads on it just make part of our fees sustainable. This underlying structure has made the instructors that agreed that their techniques be videoed, posted, debated and sometimes substituted by a better technique a rare breed of people. We salute this small group of veterans and martial arts instructors. Next month we'll start adding short biographies in English, we already have a biographies in Hebrew. So, please go ahead, try the new martial arts video page and if you have any comments or suggestions we'll be happy if you add these here or on our martial arts forum.