Another BJJ seminar for AKBAN veterans

Amir Haimi, a well-seasoned AKBAN veteran (Judo black belt, studied with Renzo Gracie, De La Riva...) with more than 20 years in the AKBAN school, will begin another round of seminars in Ne Waza, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. AKBAN veterans have been augmenting their martial art knowledge with many disciplines in order to hone Randori skills. During the last several years Amir, I., N. and Gidon Zaghar noticed recurring mistakes in ground techniques. These series of seminars come to remedy these mistakes and are highly recommended to all the AKBAN veterans not in Rio De Janeiro at the moment. Links: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu portal in the AKBAN-wiki - all the videos of the basic and most useful techniques. Judo portal in the AKBAN-wiki - All the throws. Grade requirements in AKBAN Ninjutsu