Miles Kessler Sensei opens up an new Aikido beginner’s course

One of the more prominent martial arts teachers in Israel, Miles Kessler Sensei (5th Dan black belt), opens up a new Aikido class for beginners, in Tel Aviv. I met Miles when he agreed to document Aikido weapon techniques on the AKBAN wiki. He did this brilliantly, I was amazed by his flawless technique and his spiritual orientation. Recently I heard from one of his students that a new opportunity opens up to learn basic Aikido, it’s techniques, principles and philosophy in just over 6 weeks. Aikido is a wonderful martial art and this is the best way to enter it, learning with a top notch instructor who was an Uchideshi for 8 years at Iwama dojo - Japan, a patient and thorough instructor. FREE introduction evening on 28\6\2012 I just dug up the facebook event page and here's the phone number: 03-562-4164. Give them a call. You will love it. Aikido Beginners course - Tel Aviv