Martial arts training this week, 18-23.10.2015

Yakov Schacht, the founder of the largest combat Ninjutsu Academy in Europe will be teaching this week. It'll happen this Tuesday, 20.10.2015, 18:00, in AKBAN Tel Aviv. Yakov Sensei will be teaching about combat and randori. Don't miss this one. Here's a link to the FB event. In Friday, 23.10.2015, we will have the regular ECR session at 08:00 sharp. So, when I try to sum up the sessions this week I have one word: frustration. In an unfortunate coincidence, weeks before the knife attacks and terror acts started, we focused on weapons. These last two weeks were mainly knife and Muto Dori. We just witnessed it again, fighting empty handed against a knife is not assured and is dangerous even if we are great experts. The speed of the knife, added to the fact that catching the knife hand is difficult, and even if a success, poses many risks to the defender, makes many techniques, when tested in randori, null. We spent, in the past, some years learning from the best weapon-oriented schools, but still, empty hand techniques against a knife attack in randori were mostly not dependable and not valid. That's the way it goes. I teach in a professional place and we are obligated to run proper debriefing and abide by the conclusions—we do not have, so far, a good and dependable solution to a situation when the opponent has a force multiplier, and we have non. So, we're back to pre-test syllabus with arm-locks, slowly improving ukemi skills and a lot more modesty.

Video of Ura Onikudaki from Waki Gatame