Dojo news for 3-8.8.2014

August is the time of year when we raise the difficulties and improve our randorן. During this month there will be some changes in training times and session emphasis. We will devote the time to three different subjects: 1. Randori 2. Sword techniques 3. Ninjutsu exams Please bring your punching gloves, protective equipment and water. Training in all dojos, Tel Aviv included, will take place between 18:00 to 20:00. Ramat Hasaharon dojo is closed for August and I invite all the veterans to come to Tel Aviv dojo to spar. Last week several veterans from Tel Aviv passed the 1st Dan test. Yonatan, Daniel, Itai, Yoni, Dvir and Boaz, Mazal Tov! To all the veterans who got drafted I send good thoughts. Please watch over yourselves and watch over us.