Changes in the AKBAN wiki interface - less is more

I was having a problem, a good one, How do I introduce a martial artist into the worlds largest MA wiki? we have 20,000 pages. "It's too much", said one student, "What? do you have the Kukishinden Ryu kata?", "Where are the videos from the last lesson?" The problem was bothering me, with a growing and loyal base of 15,000 readers, each month, the page that scared everybody was the front page of the AKBAN wiki. Here I was, thinking that everyone would be interested in seeing 1000+ links. Wrong. 70% saw this and clicked away. So, for more then three months Keith and me relearned CSS3 documentation, coded like crazies, sketched on napkins, notebooks and in the air and at gave the wiki a Ninjutsu recommendation: "Breath" we ordered it, and it did. We cleaned, curated and made clear. We now have an airy page, with loose shoulders and a proud gaze. We are the largest database of its kind, and we are steadily growing. So check it out, here's the link, click around, write pointy criticisms or just train.