2nd Blitz week and DETANT seminar, 7-12.8.2016

This Friday, 12.8.2016, 10:00-12:00 we will have another DETANT workshop. This workshop is open to trainees who need to pass the 1st phase. Just a reminder, finishing the complete DETANT workshop will be mandatory for all grades above Black belt in AKBAN academy. The tickets for the DETANT workshop will be online in Tuesday and will be delivered in the WhatsApp groups and in Facebook. As usual, the number of tickets available is limited and registration closes in minutes. Not to worry, till January 2017 we will initiate two thirds of the Israeli, German and Greek veterans. In the dojo, we are continuing the Blitz month with non-stop randori - this week we start video debriefing. Every partner gets an excerpt slow-mo video from his randori plus a written debriefing form we all must fill and send. The correspondence will be in WhatsApp. If you still use homing pigeons, we are preparing accordingly.