Training this week, 19-24.10.2014, and Colloquium in Friday

This week we will be returning to regular schedule. Sukkot holiday was filled with seminars. You can watch and listen to Miles Kessler sensei meditation fundamentals here. The first part of weapon seminar video will be ready later this week. לוח שיעורי נינג'יטסו The beginner and intermediate groups will practice basic Ninjutsu kicks and work these into relevant kata that combine strikes and kicks. At the veteran groups we will explore rhythm and speed changes in the Shirabe Moguri gata level of Kukishinden Ryu. We will see how tempo changes divert the attention of the opponent and wirk these into randori sequences. The Fifth Ninjutsu colloquium will take place this Friday (24.10.2014, 08:00 sharp). AKBAN practitioners are invited, as usual. Students from other schools are welcome, with the approval of their instructor, or if they are group leaders themselves.  

Video of basic Ninjutsu kicks

Video of the theme kata of the 5th colloquium