Planning the next generation backpack

This is an invitation for every person who ever ran with a back pack.
We are now planning the Ultimate Light Attack Backpack. As you may well know, AKBAN veterans engage in a lot of fittness, running, outdoor climbing, hiking and of course – beating each other.

We treat this matter very professionally and now, since our legendary backpack, the “Modan flash 35 liter” went out of production we are planning to make a back pack that will incorporate our understanding and experience.

After all we were one of the pioneers that ran half marathons and marathons with a 10 kilogram backpacks.

Please feel free to comment below (no registration necessary) on the specification for your ultimate light backpack. Will it have a cellphone pouch? a gun holster? place for a laptop?

We will post it, we will make it, you will use it. Everybody Happy.