Hon gyaku jime, wrist torsion break - Ninjutsu

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By Yossi Sheriff

Hon Gyaku Jime (הון גיאקו ג'ימה, שבירת פרק כף יד בפיתול - נינג'יטסו) is a Ninjutsu Joint lock that breaks the wrist.


Video of Hon gyaku jime wrist break

Video explaining Hon gyaku jime

Video of Hon gyaku jime

Description of Hon gyaku jime

uke and tori in shizen tai, uke grabs tori's gi with his left hand, tori puts his hand on uke's hand then attacks with shuto to uke's jaw then performs ura gyaku while using his right hand to take uke's left elbow to the opposite side.

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Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of Meta Perspectives:

  1. Intermediate level of expertise
  2. Low level of violence
  3. Medium level of violence