The ACT Meisterhau weapon seminar - galleries

Galleries of the ACT weapon seminar are now on AKBAN website, courtesy of Mz M.. The ACT weapon seminar that took place at Saturday the 10th, was a great event for all the AKBAN veterans who managed to take time of from their families. image Alexander Zhelezniak, or Alex as he insisted, demonstrated a superb battle form and comprehensive knowledge in western and oriental weapons and dominated the Dojo for more then an hour with real contact sword and spear fighting against many AKBAN veterans culminating in an amazing battle against three opponents all attacking in full speed with two handed western swords. Alex and his top shape veteran students then continued in elaborating and explaining the simple and sound method they developed for MMA weapon sparring and learning. This event marked another happy occasion for AKBAN veterans to keep learning from the best martial arts teachers in the world. Link to the ACT Meisterhau weapon seminar Link to the ACT article on the AKBAN-wiki