Running and fitness tables added to the AKBAN- project

New running tables - especially modified for begining runners over 30 and fitness strength routine for adults - were added to the English fitness section in the AKBAN website. 1. Basic strength table - Start from zero fitness and do 55 pushups and 10 pull-ups in 14 weeks. Slow and steady. 2. Strength table after 30 - Start from zero fitness and reach 55 push-ups and 10 chin lifts in 23 weeks. Even slower then our slow rate of advance, but much safer from an orthopedic point of view. 3. Beginners running table - This table starts from scratch and brings you to 40 minutes run in just 20 weeks. Slow but sure. 4. Beginners running table after the age of 35 - this table starts from very low fitness level and brings the adult runner to 45 minutes of run in 40 weeks! The slowest table in the internet, but also the safest and most easy to keep doing for decades. 5. Intermediate running table - This table starts from the ability to run 20 minutes and takes you to the level of running 60 minutes and begining speed runs. 6. Advanced running table - This table starts from the habit of running 45 minutes and takes the runner to the extreme fitness levels of our veterans, running weekly and easily for 100 minutes and running with 9 kilogram (30 pounds) backpack. 7. Always consult a medical doctor before starting any program and have a certified instructor adapt the program for you. image