How to use the AKBAN-wiki

22 February 2007 In this site you'll find the worlds biggest, but not meanest, martial arts encyclopedia - the AKBAN-wiki. To use it, click the AKBAN-wiki link above and write the name of the technique you are looking for in the search box. Since a technique can have many names: in Japanese, English, Chinese etc. you can explore other ways too - the techniques reside inside relevant categories, clicking the plus + sign opens up the category. For instance if you are not sure about the spelling of ippon seoe nage, an important judo throw, you can find it inside the relevant category Category:Te-waza (手技): hand throwing techniques. To the side of most of the videos we placed relevant additional techniques, so you'll be able to have a broader look on related techniques. This is the most advanced tool for the research of martial arts. It is intended for veteran martial arts practitioners and for research only. Veterans from many systems can edit and improve on our efforts. We welcome criticism and help, even if you do not carry editing permission you can help and add comments on the talk pages adjacent to the techniques or straight through E-mail. This is the beginning of a decades long project, just like AKBAN. Welcome, martial friends.