40th Anniversary of Bujinkan in Israel - A letter to AKBAN

Hello dear AKBAN veterans, I attached here a personal letter to all of us from Udi Zaga Sensei, the Dojo cho of Bujinkan Eilat dojo, AKA the Red Sea dojo. A happy and unique occasion has come. Veteran instructors from the oldest school outside Japan are going to teach their perspectives on the 40th anniversary of Bujinkan in Israel. As you all know, I founded Bujinkan Israel with M. Nativ years ago in addition to our extensive Ninjutsu documentation, and I am glad for the opportunity to teach and learn from some of Doron Navon's direct students. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'll let Udi Zaga Sensei speak. BTW, this happens at Eilat at 4.12.2014-6.12.2014. PS. I translated the text from Hebrew. Any mistakes and inaccuracies are mine. redsea dojo Author - Udi Zaga AKBAN veterans, hello, You must be asking, what is it with a Taikai in Eilat, what kind of a weird idea will cause people to travel so far for training, who are those dedicated fans? Well, we are a small group that took the responsibility to make this commemorative event happen. 40 years of Bujinkan in Israel. We take this event very seriously because it offers once in a lifetime opportunity to see the immense variety of the students of Doron Navon, the variety of perspectives our little country has to offer. The best teachers in Israel have already committed to teach in this event. We want to give a place for every interpretation and insight of our Budo, there is no other way. The main theme is the Kihon, the common basics done through a myriad of interpretations. At the past we made similar events in Eilat on a smaller scale. These were very successful and highly professional meetings. We know it is difficult to come to Eilat, as residents of Eilat we do the same every time we travel to events in central Israel. From these experiences we built something that will allow vacation and Ninjutsu at the same time. Believe us, this is a winning combination. You can practice and your family can have that wonderful vacation. This will be a sunny weekend with a warm Eilat sun. Nobody is left out and we all get a chance to show what we have been doing all these years. The location of the event in the Dekel beach (Hof Hadekel) is central and close to many amenities. Eilat will also host, at the same dates, the Triathlon, so happy festivities will be the norm. With invite you to click on our event website and register. Udi Zaga - Red sea dojo, Bujinkan אז קדימה, שנו גישה. פתחו את דף האינטרנט שלנו והירשמו באתר שפתחנו במיוחד www.redseadojo.com.