Control – The Akban Detant system

DETANT workshop in IDF

Stress response during confrontation blocks the procedural memory and leads to hormonal, neural and cognitive phenomena that narrow the field of vision, impair judgment and fine motor skills, and lead to a rapid escalation of the conflict.

A warrior must do the right things in difficult moments and make the fast and right decisions even in stress, but, in order to make the right decisions, one must be in complete control of himself.

Practicing physical emotional regulation techniques is an accurate tool for stressful situations. It is only with the help of physical procedures that one can establish combat mindfulness and lifelong discipline.

The Detant control techniques we have developed were derived from our martial arts and are based on scientific research that establishes the interaction between the body, breathing and other physiological parameters. These influence the emotional and cognitive state.

We have been teaching our Detant control techniques workshop in various security bodies, teams in medical institutions, agents and managers the field of hazardous materials, managers in the buisness sector and private individuals who want to improve emotional regulation in conflict situations and manage them with control and clarity.

Learn how to control fear and stress
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