Yossi Sherif Quotes

By Yossi Sheriff

This page (ציטוטים) is an ongoing collection of topics from lessons of Yossi Sheriff.

  1. Do not participate in any battle that has predetermined rules.
  2. * For partnership, mutual will is needed, for violence one will is enough.
  3. * At the end of any fear, any anxiety, the should be action. Plan this action.
  4. * It takes two to Tango, but only one is needed for a punch.
  5. * Get comfortable being uncomfortable and the main tool for that is breathing.
  6. * If it’s April the 14th, 1912, and you are eating breakfast on the Titanic, it’s too late to learn to swim.
  7. * Minus times minus is plus but shit times shit is never a vanilla ice cream and no religion or science would prove the opposite.
  8. * Most of the time there is a big difference between a sense of danger and real danger. Sugar killed more people than all the criminal organizations.
  9. * There are no Shortcuts, but there is Kwitzat Haderech. Here's to Kwitzat Haderech.
  10. * Look at the water and look at the fish
  11. * We will talk after 10,000
  12. * Do your best and get some rest.
  13. * If you can, change the situation, if you can not, change your attitude.
  14. * When the metal goes into the furnace, your thoughts go with it too.
  15. * For me every training session is the whole world.
  16. * I am not less of an orange if he is a magnificent apple.
  17. * If I remember myself, everything that hinders, helps.
  18. * If you have such a hammer that every problem looks like a nail, get yourself a spoon.
  19. * Every attack is a syncopation, so pay attention to rhythm.
  20. * A beginner is the most important person in the dojo.
  21. * It doesn't matter if you had fun, what matters is, did you control yourself.
  22. * In a hundred years MMA will be a traditional martial art and automatic weapons, ancient relics.
  23. * The ability to abstain from hitting a person depends on the ability to punch a person well.
  24. * Robots, robots, at the end somebody has to do the job.
  25. * Emulation, internalisation, creativity.
  26. * When one learns aggression it is good for feeling better, When sensitivity is thought, that's for doing better. Pressing the trigger between two heartbeats, observing the opponent's breathing - A mongol fighter would carry many arrows and pull a bow of 35-50 kilos. With a continuous shooting technique, in battle the archers would release the arrow in the moment the four horses legs were in the air. This is sensitivity.
  27. * Would you rather climb without a rope or climb with a rope that looks ok, but is torn inside?
  28. * The internet is broken, it has been broken for a long time and that is dangerous. Learn to open a book and sit with it for a few hours, learn to sharpen pencils, learn to walk, go to your friend and call him out to play, learn to hear people, talk face to face and mainly learn to shut up.
  29. * Near signs that warn: "Be carful, pickpockets!" are always congregations of pickpockets. They build on the fear. That is the best place to know where there is money or valuables. Most people would touch there just to make sure. Seeing with awareness always discovers another reality.
  30. * One persons fear is another person's opportunity.
  31. * What is the difference between thinking and doing? "every stick has two ends", is thinking. "Hit now or get hit" that's doing.
  32. * The three roots of the teacher's work are: Kata, randori, and mondo. Kata is the seal of order, a form, Randori is the meeting place of chaos and order and mondo explains the thinking part what is happening in the doing part. Without these three there can be no teaching.
  33. * His tradition dies every time someone looks at him. Our tradition starts every morning.
  34. * When night falls and you are alone in the desert, words have little meaning.
  35. * You are not a magic wand that can do everything the magician wants.
  36. * To do what you like is low, to do what you should is high. To like to do what you should is the path to mastery.
  37. * The knowledge community exists not only for those that are physically present, it exists also for those that can not be present, for many reasons. So not being present is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a matter of circumstances.
  38. * Many rests on the dojo mattress is a talisman for many happy years in the dojo.
  39. * Form is secondary, utility is king.
  40. * The freedom of discipline is a direct consequences of the option to not be disciplined - Discipline is a decision that has to be renewed every time.
  41. * Take no pill, just wake up in time.
  42. * Training in martial arts is not only for martial knowledge, it is also a mean through which 'people who should study martial skills' understand.
  43. * The trick is paying attention to pain, let it warn and hear what it says, but, no identification.
  44. * Don't confuse complexity with chaos. Complexity is many factors that one can prepare to, chaos is a situation that can only be prepared to by emotional stabilisation.
  45. * DOn't give steaks to babies, when you start, start with the foundation, not from the needle on the highest tower.
  46. * If you find it hard to fall asleep, put a knife under your pillow.
  47. * Swords are made in fire, doughnuts are coated with sugar.
  48. * We need command, control, communication. Why do we always forget communication?
  49. * Two mistakes are colossal, the first, not starting to walk, the second, stopping before it's time to stop.
  50. * There's enough time, inhale and slowly exhale after a hundred years. There's no time, hold your breath and look around.
  51. * The two markers of culture are the presence of tools, some of them possibly weapons, in archaeological excavations and leg bones that have healed after a fracture. There are no animal leg bones that have healed because an animal that has broken a leg does not receive protection long enough for the fracture to heal.
  52. * To breath is natural, to hold the breath is a learned ability. To stand is relatively easy, falling correctly is a skill. Holding is instinctual, we should train in letting go, leaving. Letting go correctly is an art.
  53. *Self discipline does not have a reason. It arises in the power of decision and not as the result of reasoning. The teacher’s role is to exemplify it. In my system, once a teacher has to do the student’s discipline he fails as a teacher because he failed the student. Sometimes, some people, confuse a leader with a teacher, but I do not.
  54. * A gecko can teach Tyrannosaurs Rex not only survival skills, humbleness too.
  55. * You can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs, but just breaking some eggs does not make an omelet.
  56. * The gun kills instantly, medicine takes time.
  57. * Go for the feel, not for the kill
  58. * The algorithm is the enemy.