Wasifat Salata Min Binat Gishrit

By Yossi Sheriff

Wasifat Salata Min Binat Gishrit, وصفات سلطة  من بنات جسريث, וואסיפת סלטה מן בנאת גסרית - literally, "The Salad recipes of Bene Geshrit" is a collection of Salad recipes written by the medieval scholar and akbanaut Gingi Han. Due to the corrosive climate, a not all his books and writings were preeserved and the only known copies are kept in the central AKBAN dojo.

Gingi Han Quotes

  • Every attack is a syncopation, so be aware of the rhythm.
  • There are no shortcuts, but there is Kefitzat Haderech. Lechayei Kefitzat Haderech.
  • Look at the fish, and look at the water
  • We’ll talk after 10,000
  • The ability to abstain from punching, is founded on the ability to punch well.
  • Robots, shmobots – at the end there’s always some guy who has to do the work.
  • Change the situation, if you can. Change your attitude, if you can't.
  • When the metal goes into the forge, your mind goes in with it.
  • For me, every training session is the whole world. (Ido Goldschmidt)
  • If I remember myself, what disturbs helps.
  • On my card, the headmaster, actually, a teacher, but most of the time, just a practitioner.
  • When only aggression is practiced, it is for the emotional satisfaction, but when one learns sensitivity, one is at the heart of craft – pressing the trigger between two heart beats, looking at the opponent’s breath pattern while doing a kata. A Mongol archer would carry a quiver with tens of arrows and pull a 35-50 Kilogram bow. With a technique of continuous shooting, during combat, the archer would release the arrow only when the horse’s four hooves were in the air. That is sensitivity.
  • Shkoyech! – שְכּוֹיֵיח!
  • Do your best and get some rest.
  • If you have such a hammer that makes every problem looks like a nail, get yourself a spoon.
  • A hundred years from now, MMA will be another traditional martial art, guns will be traditional relics.
  • What is better, climbing without a rope or climbing with a defective rope without knowing it?
  • Most of the time, there's a big difference between risk perception and risk reality.
  • Imitate, internalize, innovate.
  • The internet is defective, it has been broken for a long time and now, on many levels, it is plainly dangerous. learn to open a book and sit with it for several hours, open your window and see what the weather is, learn to sharpen a pencil and write something that is not hyper-linked, learn to walk to a friend's house and call him, walk with him, talk, and remember the whole thing without taking pictures, learn to listen again to people, learn to be silent.
  • Signs that warn: "beware of pickpockets" are a favorite hangout of pickpockets. They base their felony on fear derived attention. It's the best place to know where valuables are. People will always touch the place when they see the sign. When one looks deeper one sees different reality.
  • The difference between a thought and practical experience is simple: "Every stick has two ends", is a thought. "Strike or get hit" is practical experience.
  • Minus times Minus equals a plus, but no rational, no religion, no science, will make shit times shit equal a vanilla ice cream.
  • These are the roots of the teacher's work:

Kata, Randori and Mondo.

Kata is the seal of order.
Randori is the meeting place of chaos and order.
Mondo is needed to explain to the thinking part what is happening in the doing part.
  • His tradition died when it met his PR. Our tradition starts when we practice it.
  • When night falls and you are alone in the desert, words do not mean a lot.
  • I am not less of an orange because he is such a magnificent apple.
  • You are not a magic wand that can do what ever the magician wants.
  • To do what you want is very low. To do what you should is very high. If you want to do what you should, you are a master then.
  • Honor tradition, research for change
  • Do not willingly participate in a battle that has a pre-determined set of rules.
  • The knowledge community exists not only for those that are physicaly present. It exists for those who for many reasons do not participate. So not being present is not a thing to be ashamed of, it depends on many factors that are not always in our control.