Making a video for the AKBAN-wiki

By Yossi Sheriff

Guidelines of making a video for the AKBAN-wiki:

  • Please use only video taken by you of a person that has agreed to be online.
  • Do not use any copywrited material. Not everybody are so happy sharing their creations as we in AKBAN are. We respect that.
  • Take care to make the video only under the supervision of a certified instructor. The AKBAN-wiki can not be responsible for any injuries caused while practicing and filming a technique.
  • We can even go further than that and state that any movie depicting the misfortune of someone will be deleted from the article. We really want to make this a database of professional information. We do not care about having "viral video" in this wiki.
  • After you take the video and feel that it contributes a valuable and safe information for our Martial arts encyclopedia you can edit it.
  • Please edit in a warning, before the video, that states the following: Martial techniques are dangerous, Always practice with a certified instructor. This way we can reduce the risk of some poor soul trying to do a back somersault from his couch.
  • If you are an Akbanaut please finish the clip with this AKBAN endclip. download
  • To the end of the clip you can attach your own Dojo or martial system logo. Do not attach an active hyperlink, even though you can write your web address.
  • Post your video in youtube or Kaltura only.
  • After getting the code for the clip - in youtube it looks like this: copy only the code after the = and paste it between <youtube></youtube>

you'll get this

  • If you can not stand to see yours or your friends technique criticized or changed do not upload it. We got deleted so many time we do not care so much, but it takes getting used to.