How to write a descriptive martial arts article in the AKBAN-wiki

By Yossi Sheriff


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The problem

When writing a description of a martial art we are confronted with the fact that existing articles must describe something more then perceived history and current instructors and branches. A martial art should be described both intrinsically and from an outside perspective. Pending this, an article describing a martial art can have an inner skeleton consisting of something like this:

Differentiating outline – something that describes:

Pronunciation and native spelling

General background

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that turned into an Olympic sport in 19*** (history in brief and current state) and misconceptions cleared

Something else?

characteristics – this describes the martial art in three contexts

The context of usability

In what parameters does the technique of this martial art work best (parameters can be describing and should not be judgmental). These parameters can look something like this: Usability - Boxing – a competitive, sportive martial art that culminates in a rope encircled arena. The art of eliminates of all striking except if done with the front, knuckled side of gloved fists. Boxing rules disallow throws of any kind and of course any use of weapons and explosives.

The context of value

What is the added benefit of the practice and goals of the martial art. This can look something like this: Added values - Seitei gata – The practice of seitei gata promotes general concentration and health. Engaging in slow, deliberate and controlled martially derived syllabus promotes a Zen like state of mind that puts the practitioner in a non-achieving, calm state.

Self defined characteristics

Assumptions, forms, weltanschauung…

Concepts of the system

Distance, rules - both hidden and written, and any parameters that the system defines itself by. It may look something like this:

Concepts of the system – Wing chun, keeping the center line, aikido-joining the line of attack etc.

forms and techniques

(Here we can use the video visual capabilities of our encyclopedia) these can be divided among the layers of the methodical pyramid, namely:

Foundation – separate movements building the system (if there are separable movements)

Sequences and combinations, done alone or with partner/s

Sparring, if there is any, or chaotic partner drills.

Any competition, rules and textual description of it.

Physical background

would be nice to know the aerobic demands, need for brute force, dexterity, flexibility etc. in short, the base layer of the methodical pyramid.



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