Akban-wiki editor position

By Yossi Sheriff

This wiki is my personal project (Yossi). It has no ads and no, so called, "Business model".

Alas, even if it intentionally lacks a business model, it does have a goal: documenting and cross linking combat sports, kata and martial arts techniques and histories.

The scope of the martial arts culture is vast and requires more then one school's perspective. You can become an editor and be responsible for managing the knowledge in your martial art.

How to apply to be an editor?

To get on board the AKBAN wiki and become an editor, please send a mail to akban [at] akban.org providing three things:

  1. Your real name. This is a strict policy that we take seriously. See below if you require a pseudonym
  2. Your endorsement of the akban.org terms of use. A statement that says not only that you've read and understood it, but that you support and endorse it.
  3. A biography of 100-500 words. This must, of course, be accurate. It should include information about your martial art background. Optional, but helpful: a Web link to establish your identity. E.g., a link to your system's web page that contains your name.

If you require a pseudonym, you can ask for one, but we currently grant pseudonyms only for certain special cases. We believe that providing a real identity will enable the creation of a positive, mature and honorable community.


Editors and branch managers are both needed

  • Editors: all contributors have "editor" rights on the AKBAN-wiki and Vatikim title . They can start new articles, edit existing articles, engage other contributors in discussion about articles, etc.
  • Branch managers: Branch managers, in addition, are designated certain sections of the wiki where they have the right to make (or work together with other editors in making) plans, policies, and decisions for particular articles, and have the right to mark particular versions of articles as "approved." As a rule of thumb, Branch managers should have well established experience in their field of expertise: E.g., more than 10 years of training and preferably instructional experience.

Note: please apply only if (a) you can endorse the AKBAN-wiki's Statement of Fundamental Policies, (b) you are willing to contribute under your own real name, and (c) you are willing to supply a brief and of course accurate public bio about yourself.

How to apply: Branch managers

Here are the steps:

  • Apply as an editor.
  • Send an e-mail to akban [at] akban.org
  • Two additional items are needed: a CV or resume attached (or linked), as well as some links to Web material that tends to support the claims made in the CV. Both additional requirements may be fulfilled by a CV that is hosted on an official work Web page.