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Tel Aviv, Israel
Yossi Sheriff Yossi Sheriff

Approximately 300

Faculty 12 instructors
Average class size 10-20
Type martial arts school
Language English, Hebrew, Arabic
Color(s) Black, Sand, White
Established 1986

Akban ([1]), "Light guard", is an Israeli academy specializing in old school Ninjutsu, fitness and health. The school's name is augmanted from the words light and guard in Japanese. The Akban school was founded in Israel by Yossi Sheriff in 1986.

Akban's learning curriculum has diversified around Budo Ninjutsu into BJJ and Koryu and western weapons.

The school is Seishin Teki Kyoko and koryu based. It is informally abberviated by it's students as simply Irgun or The Organization, and trains students in Martial arts, Meditation, Fitness and outdoor skills[1]. Akban veterans teach in 12 dojos in Israel, and instruct approximately 300 undergraduates and veteran students.

It takes 12 to 13 years to qualify for a black belt exam.


The school was founded in 1986 in Jerusalem by shidoshi Yossi Sheriff, a Bujinkan senior instructor and a student of Doron Navon, the first non Japanese Shihan in Bujinkan Ninjutsu school.

Shihan Navon started instructing Judo and Ninjutsu as a Bujinkan Shidoshi at a village dojo near Tel Aviv at the year of 1977. After teaching and authorizing several instructors Doron stopped teaching at the beggining of the 90's. At 1992, in conjunction with Bujinkan Israel the school wrote and directed the first state sanctioned Ninjutsu/Budo Taijutsu instructor's course [2] [3] In 1995 the Akban School departed ways from Bujinkan Israel while maintaining presence in Masaaki Hatsumi Bujinkan events.


The Akban Institute offers classes for those who want to master Martial arts. The program is authorized as a non-competitive martial arts school by the Israeli ministry of Science Culture and Sports [4]. The Akban School also issues ranks. The relatively long time span for belt exams stems from the large syllabus learnt. The modernized Kyu system is used and the minimum time in dojo before a black belt exam is 12-14 years. Today, Akban veteran instructors teach in 12 main dojos (Main, School, International, Women's, Boys), plus a 'veteran' dojo for practitioners who have been training more then 20 years and special technique study uses.

Akban-wiki, The Akban project

General background

The Akban project is a non commercial, not for profit, effort to collect, create and freely spread knowledge about martial arts and related fitness programs [5] Its main features reside in the main website of the school. The chief feature of the Akban project is a community online encyclopedia. The main lines explored in the encyclopedia are martial arts and fitness.

Description of the Akban-wiki

The Akban-wiki has thousands of articles and videos written and edited mainly by Yossi Sheriff.

The project started in 1998 when two Akban veterans started organizing the vast Takamatsu den syllabus learnt in Akban into a computerized database. The methodical backbone of this project was a system for allocating different stages of learning in martial fields called the Methodical Pyramid [6].

Many fields have benefited from the sharing and distribution of safe knowledge and training methods. The huge amount of material practiced in the necessitated means to organize and validate the techniques used. In 2005, the work on the database shifted toward a mash-up of user generated media on a wikimedia platform.

The Akban project organizes visual materials in a semantic web. This is achieved by installing a Semantic wiki and starting to apply interrelations between the techniques of same and different martial arts. The videos and articles are tagged with categories and the categories hierarchically nestle inside meta categories using a logical tree. The semantic functions allow the Akban-wiki skilled user to give each article and video attributes and describe the relations between them.


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