AKBAN-wiki contributors

By Yossi Sheriff

The AKBAN-wiki contributors are veteran martial artists from AKBAN and elsewhere who volunteered their expertise for this project. They are listed here as a token of my gratitude for their sharing and humility.

Yossi Sheriff

  1. Eldad Levi (Hebrew page) - a proficient Muai Tai fighter with an extensive experience in the ring.
  2. Yoel Libster (Hebrew page) - An experienced Judo instructor.
  3. Yossi lurie (Hebrew page)- A veteran martial artist and a Japanese sword expert.
  4. Miles Kessler (Hebrew page) - An experienced Vipassana instructor and a 5th Dan Aikido Aikikai teacher.
  5. Nir Unger Lin (Hebrew page) - An expert master in Chi kong (Gong), Yoga and Niradin.