New articles on the AKBAN wiki, Koto ryu

Keith and I are working on an update to the site that will make mobile browsing better and get rid of several bugs we discovered. This will probably take few weeks. Meanwhile I still enjoyed finding the time to write and update several articles, mainly in Koto ryu. Here they are:

  1. Keto kata, Shoden gata level – Koto ryu
  2. Kouyoku kata, Shoden gata level – Koto ryu
  3. Kyogi kata, Shoden gata level – Koto ryu
  4. Batsugi kata, Shoden gata level – Koto ryu
  5. Hosoku kata, Shoden gata level – Koto ryu
  6. Hoteki kata, Shoden gata level – Koto ryu
  7. Kako kata, Shoden gata level – Koto ryu
  8. Kata maki kata, Shoden gata level – Koto ryu
  9. Oh gyaku kata, Shoden gata level – Koto ryu
  10. Saku geki kata, Shoden gata level – Koto ryu
  11. Shato kata, Shoden gata level – Koto ryu
  12. Ura nami kata, Shoden gata level – Koto ryu
  13. Yokuto kata, Shoden gata level – Koto ryu
  14. Koto ryu
Also started a a short article about Takamatsu den – the nine systems Ninjutsu school and managed to video and upload the technique for Kubi Kyukaie nage – Neck breaking throw.

Video of Neck breaking throw

Link to the new articles in Hebrew is here.


What’s new on our martial arts wiki – 23.2.2012

This has been a busy week with many updates to the AKBAN martial arts documentation project. Here’s a concise list of the English AKBAN-wiki changes. If you’re addicted to wiki code, the wiki rss can be grabbed here.

 The Ninjutsu Acrobatics section was updated

  1. Koho tenkai – Back hand spring from omote gyaku
  2. Koho tenkai with koho tombogaeri – somersault
  3. Koho tombogaeri – Back somersault against an opponent
  4. Koho tombogaeri – Back somersault against gosha dori
  5. Koho tombogaeri – Back somersault against koshi nage
  6. Koho tombogaeri – Back somersault from oni kudaki
  7. Oten – Cartwheel
  8. Zenpo tombogaeri – forward somersault
  9. Zenpo tombogaeri – Front somersault against morote seoe nage
  10. Shoten – Wall running
  11. Shoten tombogaeri – Back somersault from wall running
  12. Zenpo tenkai – forward handspring
  13. Zenpo tenkai – Front hand spring agaisnt ura gyaku
  14. Zenpo tenkai – one hand forward handspring

The 16 secret Ninjutsu punches became not so secret here:

  1. Hoken Juroppo, sixteen striking treasures – Ninjutsu
  2. Elbow strikes, hiji, enpi, 肘 – Ninjutsu
  3. Bent thumb knuckle strike, Koppō Ken, Ko ken – Ninjutsu
  4. Ura shuto, Reverse blade of hand strike – Ninjutsu
  5. Five fingers claw strike Shako ken, Kuma Te – Ninjutsu
  6. Beak strike, Shitan ken, san shin tsuki, go shin tsuki – Ninjutsu
  7. Fudo ken, Ninjutsu fist
  8. Boshi, Shito ken, thumb strike – Ninjutsu
  9. Tsuki, back punch with a step, Ninjutsu
  10. Happa, simultaneous two side strikes – Ninjutsu
  11. Tai ken, body blow, Ninjutsu
  12. Shishin ken, little finger strike – Ninjutsu

Various Judo and Ninjutsu articles were updated

Video of the Osoto gari from Murata sensei seminar last week

Only one video was uploaded this week to our YouTube channel

For this week on the Hebrew site click here.


Recent Ninjutsu kata and techniques on the AKBAN wiki – 16.2.2012

Last week the following technique articles were added to our martial arts encyclopedia:

Two videos were uploaded to our YouTube channel:


Video of Iso Gaeshi, Kukishinden Kata


Recent Ninjutsu articles and techniques on the AKBAN wiki – 9.2.2012

Last week an extensive work of more then a hundred articles was done on the Hebrew wiki (link here), but some articles were created and updated on the English AKBAN wiki too. Here are the links:

Three Kata from Kukishinden, the Sabaki level, were videoed and uploaded to our YouTube Channel (link to channel feed here).

Image of Ichimonji no kamae

Ichimonji no kamae


Recent Ninjutsu articles and techniques on the AKBAN wiki – 2.2.2012

Last week the following martial arts articles were written:

Image of Kosei no kamae

Kosei no kamae


New techniques and articles on the martial arts wiki – 26.1.2012

We have added and improved the following articles on the AKBAN wiki:

We also uploaded several videos to our Youtube chanel

Video of three kunai middle range techniques


Recent changes on AKBAN wiki – 19.1.2012

Several techniques and articles have been updated:

We also uploaded a short chain tutorial to our YouTube channel, and that’s it for this week.


New techniques in the AKBAN wiki – 12.1.2012

This week the following Ninjutsu articles were updated in the AKBAN wiki:

Several videos were uploaded to AKBAN youtube, the last one was from the Kusari seminar.

Video of horizontal strike with the Ninjutsu chain


New techniques in the AKBAN wiki – 5.1.2012

Last week was a rather productive one in the English and Hebrew wiki. We wrote and added martial arts techniques to many articles in the wiki. Here’s a short list. Keep training.

Video of the Ninjutsu basic side roll


The martial arts wiki – Updates and additions 20-27.12.2011

Here are the articles and martial arts techniques that were added to the AKBAN wiki in the last 7 days:

  1. Seishin Teki Kyo yo – Ninjutsu spiritual principles
  2. Yoko Tomoe nage – side sacrifice throw
  3. Doko ichimonji no kamae – Tiger stance, Ninjutsu
  4. Seoe – Ninjutsu throw and elbow lock
  5. Yubi kudaki – finger breaking
  6. Muso dori – Ninjutsu elbow break
  7. Ura shuto – Reverse blade of hand punch
  8. Mae geri – Front kick
  9. Tahtib – Egyptian stick fighting
  10. Tani otoshi – Ninjutsu valley throw
  11. Front punch – Jab
  12. Back punch – Cross

And last, but not least Back roll, Sokuho kaiten