Why don’t we post more front page news

This web site is very active, active in a web 1.0 kind of way. During the last months our extremely lean crew (recession and other problems has decimated the number of active people working on the Akban project by half) continued to write new articles and martial art techniques to the Akban-wiki.
If you’ll take a look at our recent wiki changes you’ll notice a lot of garble if you do not have Hebrew installed on your computer – we’re translating our initial data into Hebrew on the same database.

Our documenting abilities are a bit more sophisticated now – we document all the new krav maga techniques in HD video.


New Martial arts’ videos portal!

We just uploaded a beta of your Martial arts videos portal, and are pretty happy with it.

Till now, in order to find a movie of a martial art technique the viewer had to know the name of the technique, search the technique in the Akban-wiki and only then view the technique inside the relevant martial arts encyclopedia article.

A few months ago we paused almost all the documentation of new techniques in video and text. We wanted to make using our website an easier experience. The new video page is the result of this work. All the videos in it and most of the videos on our site were filmed by us with a small group of Akban veterans and an even smaller group of martial arts instructors from various martial arts. We store the videos on YouTube to save on broadband fees.

Economizing is one of our themes as this web site is not money oriented and the ads on it just make part of our fees sustainable. This underlying structure has made the instructors that agreed that their techniques be videoed, posted, debated and sometimes substituted by a better technique a rare breed of people.

We salute this small group of veterans and martial arts instructors. Next month we’ll start adding short biographies in English, we already have a biographies in Hebrew.

So, please go ahead, try the new martial arts video page and if you have any comments or suggestions we’ll be happy if you add these here or on our martial arts forum.


Kaltura video and the Akban project

Kaltura, the new guys on the web video applications, recently partnered with the Wikimedia Foundation to provide collaborative video functionality to Wikipedia’s 207 Million unique visitors.
We are really glad they picked our project – The Akban-wiki martial arts encyclopedia – as a featured costumer and partner.

Kaltura lets users edit video online from a variety of sources to create informative new videos from existing ones. This correlates perfectly with our community wiki because Kaltura allows wiki editing and history of user’s edits.

We have been integrating and working out minor early bugs in the Kaltura application and we can present some modest results.


Six more Koto ryu katas added to the Akban-wiki

We filmed and uploaded six more martial arts katas from the koryu school of Koto ryu.
This leaves only about 15 missing katas to finish the first stage of documenting this ancient martial school.
The Akban project aims to document and classify many martial arts in a free martial arts encyclopedia.
New Koto ryu kata in video:
1. Kakuhi no kata
2. Koto no kata, Okuden level
3. Kyogi no kata
4. Santo no kata
5. Shisen no kata
6. Suito no kata

Koto ryu article in the Akban-wiki.


Koto ryu martial art system – videos added

Five more martial arts technique from the koryu school of Koto ryu have been added to the martial arts database. We expect several more years of repeating and improving before the conclusion of the Bujinkan curriculum in the Akban-wiki.
As for documenting other martial arts like Karate and various Kong fu schools that interest us, we think that this will be a decades long project.
New Koto ryu kata in video:
1. Hoteki no kata
2. Keto no kata
3. Hosoku no kata
4. Saku geki no kata
5. Shato no kata

Koto ryu article in the Akban-wiki.


Problem with the new registration system

We are experiencing some problems in the registration system. As the Bifugi IT department is having a scheduled vacation, it might take us hours to sort this one out.
Meanwhile you can enjoy the information we have here for you – our martial arts friend.
Jason, thanks for being the first to report this bug.