A lesson from 1452 CE

Ninjutsu sessions will resume in Sunday, 28/9/2014.

Meanwhile here is a very nicely done video of La Sala delle Armi, a HEMA group from Torino who analyse and practice ancient weapon Kata and Randori, just like we do. This one is about Lignitzer’s sword and buckler techniques, from Codex Danzig.

Every part of this short video follows the exact way we work difficult situations. First the problem or the attack is presented, then a counter attack, and then a counter to the counter.

The stances are exact Kukishinden ryu, the color of the shirts looks familiar and the accuracy and seriousness are what I like to see in a research oriented dojo. Kudos.


Training this week: outdoor at Thursday and Family Defense and Security seminar at Friday

This Thursday, at the Tel Aviv dojo, we will train at the Gan Haazmaut, at the north side, near the red sculpture, about 40 meters to the side. We will have a special year’s end session with emphasis on Bokken. We’ll start at 18:10 and continue as usual. The rest of the week sessions are as planned.

Friday, 27.6.2014, at 07:30, we will meet at our regular shooting range for the second F.D.S., Family Defense and Security seminar this year – about handguns (Link to event on Facebook). The first FDS seminar that dealt with Vertical Urban Survival (VUS) was ushered by Assaf Hochman from AKBAN Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut.

On the FDS Gun seminar on Friday we will focus on the scenario of “Gun in the house”. We used the Methodical Pyramid model to run analyses that deal with protecting children, sabaki with guns inside a family house and shooting safely inside an apartment. Preceding those we will shoot in all the basic stances, relearn gun safety and work out gun malfunctions. The concluding part of the seminar will hone the intermediate skills necessary for the designed scenarios.

Don’t miss these opportunities to learn, even if they are just a fraction of the AKBAN syllabus. Maybe, like me, you do not want to master guns, but learning the basics of Family Defense and Security is not an option, just like learning CPR, it is a matter of professionalism and responsibility.

The Taijutsu sessions this week are as usual and will revolve around the Basic Ninjutsu Stances we start each session with.

Video of Bobi no Kamae

Video of Vertical Urban Survival 1 seminar

Gallery of images from VUS seminar


Photos from the April 2014 Passover weapon seminar in AKBAN

Passover intensive weapon seminar was pure happiness for me. I thank all the veterans who participated. See you at the 3rd colloquium, at April the 25th.

If you are on Facebook, here are the images on the AKBAN Facebook page


Researching our martial past – Lars Andersen, master archer

I often think what a joy it would be if I had the real knowledge of a primus palus Murmillo Gladiator or the small details of the Mongol techniques. The hope of re-discovering ancient techniques and knowledge has fueled many research endeavors in AKBAN and also our encyclopedia, a strive to document in a wiki all the knowledge and insights of our art.

I love seeing so many similar efforts of re-learning and discovering good, effective techniques. It seems that many problems we, modern 21st century people, encounter and are baffled by, have been solved hundreds and thousands of years ago. I just watched a video of an architect re-discovering the ancient art of building a brick Roman arch. His team of builders had to work both creatively and with great care as the pragmatic stages of building such an arch are not written and practically forgotten.

Lars Andersen joins Lajos Kassai and others in trying and succeeding to breath life into relics of our violent past.

The research side of my profession, a traditional martial arts teacher, seems like the essence of the Jurassic park movie, we take ancient DNA of long gone dinosaurs and breath life into it. The results are magical and Lars Andersen exemplifies this process with his uncanny abilities with the bow.

Shooting faster then Legolas, hitting the target with three arrows while falling from a horse, are great examples that open a possible window to Mongol and Arab archery techniques. The icing on this cake is the Motorcycle shooting test, applying the technique correctly but adapting it to modern times. Touché!


Kong fu against a knife wielding murderer

July the 2nd, at China’s Guizhou Normal University was the scene of a brutal knife attack. A mentally disturbed student armed with a 50 cm, large machete like knife barged into the campus towards the cafeteria. As the security guards were trying to stop him, two were stabbed to death.

What we can see in the car’s side view mirror is a Kong Fu practitioner (probably Zhang Huaiqian) waiting patiently for the correct moment. The attacker that uses a long pole at the beginning draws the knife, turns around and stabs the security guard, when he turns away the Kong fu hero proceeds to knock him down with a high flying kick and then proceeds, with several bystanders, to strike the attacker into submission.

A truly brave display of courage and ability.

Video of a kong fu defense against a knife attack

If you can not see the clip here, go to the original clip at you.ku


Sunday in Jerusalem dojo – Multiple opponents

After repeating the Kukishin Ryu drills that we learned last week we are revisiting the multiple opponents street arena.

The emphasis placed by Ninjutsu on distancing and movement (Tai Sabaki) is mirrored in several other martial arts and especially the highly regarded in AKBAN – Jogo do Pau.

We will use Moto gata of Hira ichimnonji to learn the basic footwork against several attackers.

Video of Multiple opponent stick fight in Jogo do Pau – Master Russo

Jerusalem Ninjutsu – AKBAN


Game of thrones, weekend quotes – 6.1.2012

I don’t want to practice today…I don’t care about stupid wooden swords…

You are troubled. Good, trouble is the perfect time to train. When you’re dancing in the meadow with your dolls and kittens, this not when fighting happens.

Video of Syrio Forel

I do not like dolls and kittens…

You are not here, you’re with your trouble. If you’re with your troubles when fighting happens… more trouble for you.
Tsk, tsk. Just so, how can you be quick as a snake, quite as a shadow, when you’re somewhere else.
You are fearing for your father, that is right. Do you pray to the gods?

The old and the new.

There is only one god, and his name is death. And there is only one thing we say to death: “Not today”.

Syrio Forel, master sword-fighter (character)
Game of thrones
David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, George R.R. Martin