New weapon: flickering light

A strange one indeed, apparently strobe lights are the police force’s weapon of the future. As explained on NewScientist:

“Wielded like a conventional gun, this weapon is designed to trigger “flicker illness” – a condition akin to severe motion sickness – which leaves the target dazed, nauseous or completely immobilised. Its developers suggest it could be just the thing for disabling armed criminals or dispersing a rioting mob. If all goes to plan, police and border guards could soon be using the weapon in earnest.”

And here I was thinking of a future with sinister looking high-powered laser guns.

They should also play some 70’s disco B-side music as an accompaniment, so as to further shock the target.



Chinese knife owners no longer anonymous

In a move aimed at reducing violence in the lead up to the coming world Olympics, China has decreed that citizens must register their identities when buying potentially dangerous knives.

“The targeted daggers include those with blood grooves, lock-knives, and knives with blades measuring over 22 centimeters, the ministry said in a circular posted on its website,”

Probably a good idea, a simple scuffle can quickly escalate into a very bloody affair with the help of a knife. Not that only “dangerous” knives can cause serious injuries.

Sadly, US citizens can only dream of this kind of law, as even firearms regulations in the states are lax.



Slash resistant Apparel – knife protection

A British company is now selling Kevlar lined shirts and hoodies. This meets the rising death toll in teenagers from knife attacks in London.
As personal security is always on our scope, we spotted the protective apparel some months ago.
The slash resistant wear can protect the person wearing it from knife slashes and minor stabs and has been purchased by worried parents from Los Angeles and New York.
We liked the slash resistant hoody, of course, but the slash resistant glove is a gem too.

Link to the CBS news video
Link to the company selling this protective gear