Interactive Tactile Experiences in Free Air – The next phase of fitness and martial training

University of Illinois PhD student Rajinder Sodhi and Disney Research’s Ivan Poupyrev published a prototype of a device that creates a standing, tactile, controllable, air-wave.

The air pressure produced by this prototype is tactile and can be linked with Kinect, and similar devices, to function not only on a passive three dimensional virtual world but in a virtual world that has a variable and controllable tactile and physical dimensions.

Even though we are traditional Ninjutsu practitioners, I write about technological and thought provoking insights that have helped not only the documentation of our tradition using a highly semantic wiki but will, in the future, assist learning, practicing and teaching using new devices that will incorporate depth, tactile information and other variables.

As I look at it, the difference between a boxing bag or a wing chun wooden dummy and the AIREAL devices is not essential. As a training aid these just differ in technology.

קישור – מערכת aireal


Kong fu against a knife wielding murderer

July the 2nd, at China’s Guizhou Normal University was the scene of a brutal knife attack. A mentally disturbed student armed with a 50 cm, large machete like knife barged into the campus towards the cafeteria. As the security guards were trying to stop him, two were stabbed to death.

What we can see in the car’s side view mirror is a Kong Fu practitioner (probably Zhang Huaiqian) waiting patiently for the correct moment. The attacker that uses a long pole at the beginning draws the knife, turns around and stabs the security guard, when he turns away the Kong fu hero proceeds to knock him down with a high flying kick and then proceeds, with several bystanders, to strike the attacker into submission.

A truly brave display of courage and ability.

Video of a kong fu defense against a knife attack

If you can not see the clip here, go to the original clip at you.ku


Video, police, security and methodical pyramid

A Former Police Officer from Oakland Police was found guilty of manslaughter of a suspect – Oscar Grant Jr. – who was handcuffed during the act. The court ruled the sentence. Since the officer is white and the suspect a black youngster there are concerns of racial riots in the Bay Area. This case reminds the Rodney King case that broke the Los Angeles riots in 1992. The Grant and King events were filmed by viewers.
A paper from 2007, in the Journal of AKBAN, warned that the certainty of documenting personal acts must be part of the strategy of fighting, self-defense and security. ERA, Exposed recorded action, is here to stay and planning according to this certainty is as important as preparing for the enemy’s specific weapons. The Gaza flotilla case is another fatal incidence in which not only the intelligence was lacking but the utter certainty of video documentation was not considered. Combat personnel and security forces must do the new data integration: ERA of what we do is a certainty, not an option.
AKBAN, The Academy of martial arts, leads the integration of ERA into personal and group techniques. One of the main conclusions we’ve had is that learning and practicing with non-violent and low aggression techniques improves overall target acquisition.
In the video the officer shoots detainee’s head. This is one of many videos taken by spectators in the event. The picture attached was taken by the deceased, using his cell phone, seconds before he was shot.



Traditional weapons in shock tactics

It is often important to remember that however technology may have evolved, the people who use this technology have not. An example of this fact can be seen in the use of swords in modern warfare. I recently came across an article by Bou Jean which examines the introduction of sword usage into the Australian Mounted Division’s training programme in 1917-1918.

Although never considered as a replacement for modern firearms, the sword became an important element of shock tactics when charging Turkish machine gun positions: “the rapid rush of the horsemen and the sight of the steel had its usual unnerving effect.” (123) The intimidation of encountering mounted sword-wielding enemies has clearly not diminished.

The experience of the division throughout the operations from 19th September to 2nd October 1918 was that our force had its value practically doubled by the issue of the sword. They retained all their old value as mounted rifles, with exactly the same firepower, and added to this was the power of shock action—a power {whose lack} had been keenly felt on previous occasions since leaving the desert of SINAI. (123)

Bou, Jean. “Cavalry, Firepower, and Swords: The Australian Light Horse and the Tactical Lessons of Cavalry Operations in Palestine, 1916-1918.” The Journal of Military History 71.1 (2007): 99-125. Project MUSE. 9 Apr. 2010 .


The Answer to Gun Stockpiling: Less Restrictions

It transpires that telling people they can’t buy guns is exactly what improves firearms sales. Recent market research shows that the sales growth outlook for the coming years has dropped significantly, supposedly due to the revelation that the Obama administration did not intend to impose any restrictions on firearms ownership.

Similarly to my intentions to stockpile beer prior to the recent increase of alcohol prices in Israel, Texans fearing that democrat driven laws would prevent them from arming themselves for the coming apocalypse rushed to stores to buy ammunition and weapons. Great minds think alike, eh?

Here’s the article from BW:


Krav Maga, Israeli self defence in India

Following the recent terrorist scare after the Mumbai terrorist attack Indian youth are looking for ways to foster their personal security.

The Israeli system of Krav Maga seems like a natural choice since it advertises itself as a martial system that is very unique and efficient.

If the hype in India will be as strong as the popularity of Krav Maga in USA and Europe then we will see Vicky (Vikram) Kapoor, the head instructor opening many krav Maga training places.

Link to NewKerala, the Indian Kerala news source


Want a gun with that?

While the Chinese are busy regulating knife sales, Kansas car dealers are giving away guns with every purchase:

“Max Motors, a small Butler, Missouri dealership that has as its logo a grimacing cowboy wielding a pistol, has sold more than 30 cars and trucks in the last three days, far more than its normal volume. And owner Mark Muller credits his decision to start offering buyers their choice of a $250 gas card or a $250 credit at a gun shop.”

Just how effective traditional weapons would be against an armed truck driver is quite obvious. Instead, I think this is a job for the Ninjutsu (“martial art of distance”) technique “distancing one’s self from Kansas”.



CCTV in Britain failed to cut crime rates

The United Kingdom is leading the Orwellian world in the number of video surveillance cameras suctioned by the public in a futile effort to control terrorism.
It now seems that the huge investment and the anti privacy losses were for naught – Less then 3% of street robberies in London were solved using CCTV images.

The issues involving the spread and use both of state sanctioned surveillance and video equipped private phones has the Akban thinktank pondering the implications of this visibility, both for martial arts experts and for inexperienced citizens alike.

“Massive investment in CCTV cameras to prevent crime in the UK has failed to have a significant impact, despite billions of pounds spent on the new technology”