AKBAN news – Judo seminar this week, new official T-shirts

This week, at the Jerusalem dojo (Tedi stadium) we are hosting Kenji Mitsumoto from Japan for a Judo Throws intensive seminar. The seminar takes place at 18:15, this Wednesday, 5.2.2014 at our regular Jerusalem dojo.
Here’s a link to the facebook event (Judo seminar FB event)

On Tuesday and Thursday we are back at our renovated Tel Aviv dojo, Hayarkon 294 St. Ramat Hasharon dojo, business as usual. We are continuing the theme from last week and getting deeper into Kansetsu waza and Nage waza.

New T-shirts

Shmulik the instructor is now taking down pre-orders for the AKBAN official 2014 T-shirt. Whether it’s a Dri-FIT for marathons, black stealth cotton for the dojo or desert gathering brown, he’s got you covered.
Contact Shmulik at: SMS 052-3380733 Or mail shmulxdogs [ at ] gmail.com
AKBAN Hoodie

Contact Shmulik at: SMS 052-3380733 Or mail shmulxdogs [ at ] gmail.com


What’s new on our martial arts wiki – 23.2.2012

This has been a busy week with many updates to the AKBAN martial arts documentation project. Here’s a concise list of the English AKBAN-wiki changes. If you’re addicted to wiki code, the wiki rss can be grabbed here.

 The Ninjutsu Acrobatics section was updated

  1. Koho tenkai – Back hand spring from omote gyaku
  2. Koho tenkai with koho tombogaeri – somersault
  3. Koho tombogaeri – Back somersault against an opponent
  4. Koho tombogaeri – Back somersault against gosha dori
  5. Koho tombogaeri – Back somersault against koshi nage
  6. Koho tombogaeri – Back somersault from oni kudaki
  7. Oten – Cartwheel
  8. Zenpo tombogaeri – forward somersault
  9. Zenpo tombogaeri – Front somersault against morote seoe nage
  10. Shoten – Wall running
  11. Shoten tombogaeri – Back somersault from wall running
  12. Zenpo tenkai – forward handspring
  13. Zenpo tenkai – Front hand spring agaisnt ura gyaku
  14. Zenpo tenkai – one hand forward handspring

The 16 secret Ninjutsu punches became not so secret here:

  1. Hoken Juroppo, sixteen striking treasures – Ninjutsu
  2. Elbow strikes, hiji, enpi, 肘 – Ninjutsu
  3. Bent thumb knuckle strike, Koppō Ken, Ko ken – Ninjutsu
  4. Ura shuto, Reverse blade of hand strike – Ninjutsu
  5. Five fingers claw strike Shako ken, Kuma Te – Ninjutsu
  6. Beak strike, Shitan ken, san shin tsuki, go shin tsuki – Ninjutsu
  7. Fudo ken, Ninjutsu fist
  8. Boshi, Shito ken, thumb strike – Ninjutsu
  9. Tsuki, back punch with a step, Ninjutsu
  10. Happa, simultaneous two side strikes – Ninjutsu
  11. Tai ken, body blow, Ninjutsu
  12. Shishin ken, little finger strike – Ninjutsu

Various Judo and Ninjutsu articles were updated

Video of the Osoto gari from Murata sensei seminar last week

Only one video was uploaded this week to our YouTube channel

For this week on the Hebrew site click here.


Sensei Murata – Judo seminar for AKBAN members – 12.2.2012

Sensei Masao Murata a 7th Dan in Judo, bronze world medalist and Japan champion, will give a special Judo seminar this Sunday (12.2.2012 at 17:45-20:00) at the AKBAN Jerusalem dojo.

This seminar will evolve around the throws that are relevant to the AKBAN randori and will contribute to a better Nage waza in our dojos.

The Judo seminar is free for AKBAN members and is the first fruit of our collaboration with the Talpaz Judo club and in particular with Sensei David Lazmi.

Here are some links:
Phone – 052-5108747
mail – [email protected]
facebook eventAKBAN Judo seminar FB link
Judo seminar in AKBAN


Japan no longer in the Judo ruling board of International Judo Federation

Yasuhiro Yamashita, the Olympian Judo legend, was expelled earlier this week from the IJF, the International Judo Federation Executive Committee.
The move comes as another blow to the traditional Japanese sport, many changes were passed on for the sake of popularity and TV visibility, and it is now feared that the political defeat of Yamashita symbolizes the take over of a westernized media driven Point of view in Judo.
link to the article in The straight times
link to the IJF site, with Yamashita in the board, still not updated…
Portal Judo, All the Judo techniques in video