New AKBAN car sticker

After much debate we decided on a very minimalistic sticker, no high flying kicks, no Japanese flag, no martial arts themes – just black AKBAN.
You can get one from your instructor. Hurry, while they last.


The ACT Meisterhau weapon seminar – galleries

Galleries of the ACT weapon seminar are now on AKBAN website, courtesy of Mz M..
The ACT weapon seminar that took place at Saturday the 10th, was a great event for all the AKBAN veterans who managed to take time of from their families.

Alexander Zhelezniak, or Alex as he insisted, demonstrated a superb battle form and comprehensive knowledge in western and oriental weapons and dominated the Dojo for more then an hour with real contact sword and spear fighting against many AKBAN veterans culminating in an amazing battle against three opponents all attacking in full speed with two handed western swords.
Alex and his top shape veteran students then continued in elaborating and explaining the simple and sound method they developed for MMA weapon sparring and learning.
This event marked another happy occasion for AKBAN veterans to keep learning from the best martial arts teachers in the world.
Link to the ACT Meisterhau weapon seminar
Link to the ACT article on the AKBAN-wiki


Another "12" will begin this Thursday

The “12”, AKBAN’s 12 hours nonstop sparring will take place later this week on Thursday evening on top of [email protected]%^. We will not be doing any -24- this year…

To get into this year’s fall “12” training you’ll need a written permissions from your AKBAN instructor, Beit Hakerem dojo’s instructor and an augmented signed “S” form.
The “12” is full contact (including ground techniques) on gravel and rocks and it necesitates being in AKBAN’s top shape and fitness level


Special weapon seminar with Alex Zhelezniak – AKBAN meisterhau 1

Alexander Zhelezniak, the founder of the ACT weapons school of fighting will give a special weapon seminar for AKBAN veterans.
The ACT school of fighting specializes in several weapons: Katana, two handed European Sword, Spear, knife, Jo and many more. Sparring in the ACT tradition is done using exact replicas and restorations of the original weapons, mimicking weight and balance. All the fighting is full force full contact.
The veterans of ACT use ancient manuscripts and existing knowledge to check and restore past techniques and integrate these into a working method that is applicable in fighting, similar to what is being done in AKBAN.
The first AKBAN meisterhau seminar will take place this Saturday, the 10th of November in the Tel Aviv Dojo.


Head injuries in sports and in martial arts

August 1999 was the last time AKBAN practitioners did sparring with a knock-out option.
Ever since AKBAN instructors have been emphasizing full contact sparring with no injuries.
A novice martial artist might think that a head punch with gloved hand is harmless and is not considered as injury – that’s a mistake! Many clinical studies support our old conclusion: even one major punch to the face raises the chances for post concussion syndrome, or Repetitive Head Injury Syndrome.
Many martial arts forbid hand punches to the head, one can hit the body with great force without risking head injury – not so in our school. In Budo Ninjutsu we aim to spar in realistic, full-contact fights and we hit the face so that practitioners will get in the habit of defending the head area.
Punching the face must be gentle enough even if boxing gloves are used. Our old conclussions gain crdibility from findings in other sports. The danger is not only old age neurological syndromes (Mohamad Ali) but near and immediate danger to the practitioner.
AKBAN students that had a minor head injury, even while playing soccer weeks ago, do not participate in sparring that has a chance for head punching.
Mr. S. said, on many occasions: “The most important thing is the student’s safety. We (AKBAN Instructors) must learn all the time, use academical studies and clinical articles in sport medicine and physiology to raise our students’ professionalism and keep them safe.”
This explains the meticulous and slow way we developed the AKBAN fitness program for more then ten years. “Fitness is our safety envelope.”
To superb fitness we add correct sparring rules and etiquette, just so that we’ll be able to work in the Dojo for many years.