BJJ seminar this Saturday

Alan Moraes, a expert instructor from Carlson Gracie Rio de Janeiro dojo, is opening up the last lesson (22.8.2009) for all Akban veterans.

Professor Moraes, who came to Israel from Brazil, finishes a week long concentrated seminar on advanced Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.
Interested veterans can call their instructor, in Hebrew, here.


New martial arts wiki

We have a new Martial Arts wiki today.
Gone are the cumbersome wikipedia skins, css and boxes. Gone is the mutual navigation with the site.

On the helm was Keith Harris from Bifugi who did it with help from Vadim Gilead and me.

Since we are a small crew we overlooked many bugs in the new design. Any remarks, corrections and suggestions mailed to us would be warmly appreciated.

mail Akban, thanks


Three Akban veterans competed in the ADCC Israel preliminaries

The ADCC is one of the most important martial sporting events in the world today. The best grappling technicians in the world attend it every two years, free from gambling pressures and surplus aggression.
Three veterans from Akban participated in the ADCC Israeli round preliminaries. Two, Amir Haimi and Tal R. wore the white “Team AKBAN” shirt for Beit Hakerem Dojo, Eyal R. competed for the Beer Sheba BJJ dojo.
While Tal and Eyal got difficult opponents in the first round and lost, Amir who arrived very ill, won two bouts and lost the third one in a heel hook submission.
It was great to see us competing in such a well organized event. I hope that two years from now there will be more veterans from Akban in this event.
Link to image gallery of the ADCC Israel 2008


Sword and Weapon practice in the Akban martial arts school

Budo Ninjutsu practice includes ancient martial arts weapon katas. The problem we had was that for more then twenty years we couldn’t check the weapon Kata practice with proper randori. There was no accurate way to practice weapons sparring, the way we do with all the empty handed Kata. Every try we made was blocked by either safety reasons (bokkens are too heavy and dangerous, while shinai and boffers are too flimsy and are not realistically balanced and weighted).

Last year we had the good fortune of learning weapons from Alex Zhelezniak, the founder of ACT school for martial weapon training and a world class expert in weapons.
From Alex we learned the basics of western hand and a half European sword and how to handle Japanese Katana in combat sparring. Alex places the utmost importance in building an accurately weighted and safe weapon replicas, comparing techniques of ancient western and Japanese masters and trying these out in combat sparring.

Since in Akban we are based in Japanese koryu, especially the Katory Shinto ryu sword system, we put in a lot of effort to build a padded katana replica. Amir Haimi, a veteran Akban martial arts instructor, spent several months building, checking in his dojos and rebuilding several prototypes of Japanese swords until we reached a working model. We now have, thanks to Amir’s efforts, less than one hundred swords and are painstakingly manufacturing more.
Practicing Japanese sword randori has now entered the end trial phases in some of the groups of Akban veterans and integrating the Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu katas will probably take less then a year.

We already set our eyes on building accurately balanced safe replicas of all the weapons in our syllabus, short sticks, middle length sticks (Jo), long sticks and halberds, Kusari gama and Kusari fundo. Working since 1986 according to our martial arts methodical model, has proved that the best way to ensure realistic abilities in ancient martial arts is to make the practice sparring sessions as real as safety permits.


Another BJJ seminar for AKBAN veterans

Amir Haimi, a well seasoned Akban veteran (Judo black belt, studied with Renzo Gracie, De La Riva…) with more then 20 years in the Akban school, will begin another round of seminars in Ne Waza, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Akban veterans have been augmenting their martial art knowledge with many disciplines in order to hone Randori skills. During the last several years Amir, I., N. and Gidon Zaghar noticed recurring mistakes in ground techniques. These series of seminars come to remedy these mistakes and are highly recommended to all the Akban veterans not in Rio De Janeiro at the moment.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu portal in the Akban-wiki – all the videos of the basic and most useful techniques.
Judo portal in the Akban-wiki – All the throws.
Grade requirements in Akban Budo Ninjutsu