All the basic Ninjutsu throws

I continue the documentation work, writing articles both in the Akban wiki and in the Hebrew אקבן ויקי. Some of the documentation work involves not only researching and writing. It involves filming, editing and uploading the actual techniques. As the number of techniques in Ninjutsu is huge and the Akban Academy syllabus is even larger this is a task that will take decades. I am in no hurry.

I just prepared the Ninjutsu throws wiki article. Here’s the concise video:

Video of all the basic Ninjutsu throws

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End of Ninjutsu sparring month in Israel

We just finished a month long sparring session that started everyday in the afternoon and ended when night fell. It was hot, it was humid, it was tough, but most of all it was fun.

Old friends from AKBAN all over Israel met together and improved combat Ninjutsu skills. We believe the traditional Ninjutsu kata should be augmented with full contact sparring.

Training of the new year will start in all the dojos after September the 1st.

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Basic punches and strikes in Ninjutsu

The first batch of the Kihon video was uploaded to our YouTube channel yesterday. I am trying to make the videos short but informative. On this session I was helped by the wonderful work of Shodan Nadav Dayan, Raam Manzur, Shmulik Bar Kana and Or Z.

This video is a preliminary for our ”’iPhone app”’ which is due in September.

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All the recent Ninjutsu lessons in video

While writing technical articles in the Akban wiki I thought how easy it can be to create pages that group the videos not under “throws”, “Fudo ryu” etc. but under “All the techniques learned at July”.

So here it is:
* Yoko Aruki lessons
* Kata guruma lessons
* Ninjutsu against half clinch
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Here’s one of the sabaki lessons, using Yoko aruki for Koku no kata.


Katana – Japanese ninja sword shopping

The web offers plenty of opportunities to get your own Ninja Katana, with a very wide selection of sharp stainless steel swords complete with shoulder or belt straps at very reasonable prices – some under thirty dollars. Among these types of Katanas you might even come across ninja-ken swords that are claimed to be made from the broken remnants of samurai swords which were excavated from a battlefield of feudal times.

But with archaeological left overs aside, you can also find quality hand-forged Katanas for training and tameshigiri (swordsman’s skill test), such as this one: Katana shopping

Handmade Katanas may cost over two hundred dollars, but come from reputable craftsmen with a long history in the art of metalwork.


Recording a martial arts training session in Akban

In the years that passed since the founding of the Akban traditional MMA school we did countless training sessions in various terrains and weather situations. We did want to record, on video, a typical in-dojo training.
On this very big website we have countless videos of martial art techniques we created and uploaded for our martial arts encyclopedia, we do not have many videos depicting a training session. We figured that the challenge is to capture both the silence, the beauty and the down-to-earth approach we have here, in Akban.
Instead of boasting we chose to understate the randori, kata and all the other stuff. Did we do it well? The question of how to video accurately our martial art is a big one. Even though we love Bruce Lee we are quite sure day to day training doesn’t look like a movie. Well, enough said, here it is.