In Memoriam: Aviram Shavit

August 19, 2017
Yossi Sheriff

Corporal Aviram Shavit, of the AKBAN Jerusalem dojo, died this week in service. He was 19 years old. Aviram was buried this Thursday, 17, August, 2017, at the military cemetery in Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

The AKBAN family and me are sad beyond words at the loss of this good hearted friend and an able warrior.

אבירם שביט

2015 AKBAN Year in review

December 30, 2015
Yossi Sheriff

2015 was a fruitful year for us. I visited European dear friends in Hamburg and Athens and ushered a seminars in both centres, we had another international Ninjutsu colloquium, opened two more dojos in Israel, two more in Europe and one in cold, cold, Canada! Gained some 18,000,000 views on our youtube channel, ate many fruits from the Levi farm in north Israel, punched some friends, got punched by them, all the usual stuff. Happy new year, friends!

AKBAN year in images - 2015

The 2013 AKBAN website summery

January 13, 2014
Yossi Sheriff

152,703 readers visited the site. On average each read a bit more then 3 pages and spent more then 4 minutes pondering our organization visiting card. 30% returned to read more.

We had 4,469,699 views of AKBAN YouTube channel and added 8,717 subscribers so now we are nearing 20,000 subscribers.

I wrote more than 700 articles, posts and fitness charts dealing with Conflict management, our core martial practice – Combat oriented Ninjutsu, and honed the AKBAN Hebrew fitness program (Marathon table included).

For 2014 I plan videoing missing kata from several ryu and focusing on conflict analysis and prevention for the academy’s company – DETANT.

I want to thank you, students and readers. I am committed to this documentation project and to the research and practice it ensues.

My respect to you. 2013 analytics

The Kata and Ninjutsu Kamae that start each training session in AKBAN

May 3, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

At last, after many weeks that Avinoam and I could not find the right time slot, we managed, a few days ago, to wake up at pre-dawn, hurry to the sea shore and video the Ninjutsu Kata that form the start of every training session in my groups in AKBAN.

It was a cloudy morning but we managed to shoot multiple clips, from different angles, and finished just when the sun went up. In his own way, Pasha helped too.

Ran Levari recorded a devastating percussion session for this video. The percussion was improvised with two Hanbo on a wooden wall in our Tel Aviv dojo, awesome. Avinoam and Ran are long time AKBAN veterans,Thanks guys!

The stances, the kamae, and the kata that stem from them are either Kihon Happo, Moto gata or Ki gata from our vast Takamatsu den syllabus. Doing these connected techniques is a good way to repeat a large and essential part of our great martial art – Ninjutsu.

Video of the Ninjutsu kamae and Kata from the start of the training session in AKBAN

Poster of all the basic Ninjutsu armlocks – QR code for cellular

April 23, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

With the help of graphic designer Gaby Frischlander and through the English graphic adaptation of AKBAN veteran Oded Levi we now have the first QR coded armlocks poster.

Armlocks, or joint locks are a common technique in many kata in the Takamatsu-den Ninjutsu and memorizing these is not an easy thing for a practitioner. With this poster the images, skillfully photographed by Daniel Sheriff, are a good mnemonic help and the accompanied QR code leads the cellular device straight to the video and explanation of the technique on our AKBAN wiki.

download image here

Dojo QR poster of basic Ninjutsu locks

500 px armlocks

All the basic Ninjutsu Kicks

November 20, 2011
Yossi Sheriff

Apart from the cultural value of the AKBAN project I think there is an immediate value to students and teachers that stems from systematic documentation.

Even after a lifetime of learning martial arts I benefit from looking at codexes, old and new, of martial arts instructors who were astute.
Here is a compilation, an interactive video hub for the basic Ninjutsu kicks. Seven intermediate kicks will be documented next year.

I hope this will be a helpful mnemonic tool, even for students outside our AKBAN dojos

Video of all the basic Ninjutsu arm kicks

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