Training this week, 22-27.5.2016

Greek instructors from AKBAN Greece will be joining us for Sunday in Jerusalem dojo and Monday in Ramat Hasharon dojo.

This intense internship, that started last week, consists of many hours of kata, Randori and Seishin Teki Kyoyo.

This Friday we’re having the regular session in Tel Aviv dojo. The session starts at 08:00 sharp.
An additional whatsup will outline the syllabus.
The Friday outside session in Jerusalem will not take place this week.

During the week we will continue working on coupling Tai otoshi and Kata Guruma from a modified 4.1 grip.

As a preparation for exams month and the August Blitz, we will start exploring two throws from pummeling positions.

Video of throws from a modified 4.1 grip


Respect for AKBAN Greece and seminars this week, 27.3-1.4.2016

The AKBAN family congratulates Aris Sensei on opening the second AKBAN dojo in Greece. This dojo will join Vasilis Sensei, the head of AKBAN Greece and the headmaster of Athens dojo. I am honoured by the strong company of these two wonderful teachers, Vasilis and Aris, and welcome their help and expertise in guarding and developing the Ninjutsu I learned from my teacher, Doron Navon Sensei.

I will teach in a special seminar in AKBAN Athens, Greece, this Saturday, 2.4.2016. Here’s the Facebook event link.

God’s speed, Aris Sensei, well done Vasilis Sensei, Yshar Koach.

Special sessions schedule

Outside training this Tuesday, 29.3.2016, the training moves to Gan Ha’azmaut instead of the dojo. The session will start at 18:00 till 20:30.

This Thursday, 31.3.2016, at 18:00 in Honbu dojo, we have a special seminar with Yakov Schacht Sensei, the headmaster of Hamburg Ninjutsu Academy. Yakov Sensei will teach Ninjutsu Basics for street combat. Here’s a link to the special seminar event on Facebook

This Friday, 1.4.2016, at 08:00 sharp, in Tel Aviv dojo, Ya’ad Ben David will conduct a Ne-waza, ground fighting seminar. Here’s the link to the Tel Aviv event on Facebook. To open the gate, please call Elad.

In all the other groups, we will work hard, as usual.

Aris Pitas and John F.

Video of October 2015 Yakov Schacht seminar in AKBAN